Going Home…

by tlenervi on April 4, 2012

After being in TN for 2 years, I was invited to BCC in 2000 by Jackie’s soccer coach. After going there one time and hearing Pastor David speak, it was like being home again. He spoke from a place and (…)

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Just popped into my head!!!!!

by Facebook on April 4, 2012

Just popped into my head!!!!! “my brother from another mother“……made me smile just now :)) I know all of you can hear him too and see his body language while he’s saying it…… Kelly Costanza via Facebook

A Breath Away

by Lisa Hurst on April 4, 2012

My heart goes out to you Paula and the girls. I will never forget the gift that God gave us in your husband/father.  It seems as though his dash was not long enough.  But oh what he was able to (…)

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Peace in my heart

by Em on April 4, 2012

I read the email from Stephanie. It started with “It is with the saddest state of heart that we find ourselves today”. Oh no, I thought. Someone is ill and needs our prayers. As I read further down into the (…)

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Inspiration Magnified

by tim on April 4, 2012

My heart is so heavy following the news of Brother Dave’s passing while I am on vacation here in San Antonio. Dave was inspiration magnified and upsized. I first met Dave while working with him and his team to design (…)

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We grieve with HOPE..

by Facebook on April 3, 2012

Dear Heavenly Father, Let me live my life with “wonder” and live out every moment to the fullest just as your warrior Dr Foster did every day. We grieve the loss of this amazing man… But we grieve with HOPE.. (…)

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Forever Inspired

by Ryan Sweeney on April 3, 2012

David, you were not only our pastor, but our teacher. Our friend. Our brother. So many times after hearing your message, I have thought to myself, “I want to be more like that man.”  You sir, are truly an inspiration. (…)

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The dash isn’t long enough

by theinsurancemafia on April 3, 2012

Dave often touched base on the “dash”, or “even at 99 it’s still too soon”. You could run his dash around the world and it couldn’t hold all the great things about him. Thank you Dave and Paula for sitting (…)

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A Spiritual Father

by tnahid on April 3, 2012

Back in 1999, a friend invited me to BCC. She said her parents had attended there and that we could even wear jeans! She said they also had a band. Wow. That was really cool and different for me. I (…)

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Never Forgotten

by AwakeningtoLife on April 3, 2012

I encountered Pastor Dave in 2005 at BCC at a time in my life when God was birthing something new in my spirit. I’m so grateful for the billboard that led me there. From the first worship experience and teaching (…)

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